Equine Sports Massage is a therapy that ensures your horses muscles, tendons and other soft tissue remain strong, elastic and injury free. Idealy used on a regular maintenance basis to prevent injury but also following an injury to speed recovery time.

Treatments include


A comprehensive consultation Including:

Case history

Gait analysis

A Full Body Massage Including:

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofacial Release

Stress Point location

The McLaren Method

Joint Mobilisation

Masterson Method

Tellington TTouch

Passive Stretches


Post treatment advice with a full exercise and maintenance plan.


Advice on effective long reigning and ground work.


Intensive Rehabilitation livery available if required



Benefits of Massage



Increases performance and flexibility


Enhances muscle tone


Relieves muscle spasm & tension


Improves circulation


Prevents injury


Improves recovery time


Relieves muscle soreness


Enhances proprioception


Promotes general well-being


Removes lactic acid and other waste products


Other services


It is also important for us as riders to maintain correct posture, equal muscle balance and freedom of movement.


A full human Sports and Remedial Massage Service is available



TEL: 07795363627


Treatments are also available for Dogs, Cats and other pets.